I have been photographing since 2006, when I was lucky enought to be a student of phenomenal Roman Sluka. He taught me, that photo should be colorful, model should be perfectly posed, she should not have shortened arms and legs. how to set up light in few minutes and how to take photos, so they do not need to retouch. Since then I have become probably the most published photographer of our edition with around 50 sets and titles in Czech Playboy and my glamour and erotic photos are published out in magazines and webs all around the world. I have my own photo and video production.

Throughout the year 2020, I fell in love with cosplay, role-play and post-apo themed content. Thanks to my previous experience with glamour photography, I quickly managed to reach this community, including the best of Czech cosplayers and crafters. Together we created many interesting projects under the auspices of Project Cosplay: Eternal. This kind of photography and production has excited me so much, that the very first author's calendar, in my over two-decades-long career, is going to be Cosplay: Eternal Game Edition calendar for 2022.

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